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2018 Bullet Journal


2018 Bullet Journal setup

Happy New Year!! For my first post this year I thought I would show you how I set up my new bullet journal for 2018. There is just something about setting up a new planner that gets me so pumped for the new year! Today I’d like the share the things I’m keeping from my old journal and also the things I’ve decided to go without. Setting up a new journal is always so much fun and the possibilities are endless!

I want to say before we get into my layout that my journal is a little different this year. And I think most people wouldn’t technically consider my new notebook to be a traditional bullet journal. The entire premise of the bullet journal is that you have numbered pages with an index for reference. But I found that I didn’t use my index at all with my last journal. So I went with a journal that is not numbered.

Now that I have that out of the way let’s get into it shall we?

In my last journal, I used a full spread (2 pages) for my future logs and then hardly ever used them. So I decided this time around to combine my yearly calendar (which is a pain in the butt to make but totally worth it,) my future logs and my goals in one spread.

2018 yearly bujo

On the next page, I used an entire spread for my health and fitness. Since my health is my top priority this year I wanted a place I could keep track everything. Not only my fitness but how I’m feeling both mentally and physically each month.

2018 bujo health and fitness tracker

The next few pages are all the same. So as you can tell I added a stripe of washi tape to the edges of all of these pages to make them cohesive. These pages are where I’m going to plan and schedule all of my blog content. (Obviously, if you don’t have a blog you probably won’t need these pages.) In my last journal, I used a completely different layout for this. But I was looking for something that wouldn’t take up as much space so we will see how it works out. 

2018 bujo content tracker

Since I’m not using numbered pages, I find having washi tape makes keeping track of things a little easier.

jan-dec content

Next, I have a spread for my monthly favorites. Again this is something for the blog that I needed but didn’t have before. I used to just keep a list on my phone, but I wanted to have my all blog stuff in one place.

2018 bujo monthly favs

Getting to the good stuff…

On this page, I have a small calendar and a place to keep track of the different jobs I’ll be doing throughout the month. While I still add the jobs to my weekly layouts I wanted to have a place to keep track of them all to ensure I’m not filling my schedule too full. The blank page next to it is where I will have a little outline of the “school”  work my daughter will be doing this month.

2018 monthly layout

Then, I have the weekly layouts. I’m going to try to keep these as simple as possible now. When I first started using my journal I used my weekly to keep track of way too much and ended up not using half of it. So now I just add tasks to each day (using a block schedule, which I’ll do a separate post about soon.) Then I keep my weekly menu and reminders on the side and leave the extra space just in case I need it.

2018 bujo weekly


I also keep track of my bills at the very back of my notebook which isn’t very exciting but is very helpful. So I thought I’d include it as well… And that’s all I have for now.

bill tracker 2018 bujo

As I said, this journal is set up very different from the layouts I used last year, so if you’d like a look at my older layouts you can check them out here and here.

I hope this post was helpful or at least gave you a little inspiration for the new year. By the time you are reading this these nice clean pages will be filling up fast. I’m so excited to see what the new year brings myself, my family and my blog!

I’m curious… Do you use a bullet journal, an electronic planner or a paper planner/organizer? Leave me a comment and let me know!

19 thoughts on “2018 Bullet Journal

  1. I really like your journal. I feel like I accomplished more when I have everything written and detailed. Happy New Year.

  2. I love your journal! Everything is so colorful and pretty. I do really well with things like lists, it really helps me to get things done. I doubt I could make mine as pretty as yours, but a journal would be a great tool to have.

  3. I love the bullet style of journaling and planning, but Iv’e never tried it. I’m using a mini happy planner this year. Last year I used a recollections planner but I wasn’t too happy with the size.

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