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5 Ideas to Help kids stay Active Indoors

We are in that crazy time of the year where you have snow and 80-degree weather in the same week where I live. I think most people are dealing with the same problem no matter where you are in the country. So the kids and I have found ourselves hiding away indoors as much as possible. I personally don’t mind. I’m a homebody. But the kids get a bit restless, and for good reason. So today I’m going to share five things we do to keep our bodies moving (indoors.)


Dance party

The easiest exercise ever created. Turn on the music and the rest takes care of itself. The kids dance around, I always join in and we have a blast. This is usually when I load the dishwasher and sweep the floors. It keeps everyone up moving around and gives me a few uninterrupted minutes.


“Basket” ball

I might at some point invest in an actual indoor basketball hoop but for now, we just use a laundry basket and whatever ball we have lying around the house. Honestly, the kid’s aren’t old enough to care that it isn’t the real thing. Plus by using a laundry basket you can move it to different spots around the house to keep the game interesting!


Freeze dance

One of our favorites! Like our little dance parties, this is basically just dancing around but we use a few freeze dance from Youtube. A freeze dance is where the music plays for a while then freezes and you have to freeze with it. Very simple and so much fun!


Simon says

Like the freeze dance with this activity, it means your child will need to follow directions (added bonus!) This one always gets very silly very quickly. I usually let my four-year-old give directions and “be the leader,” for a while… if you have a four-year-old I’m sure you can imagine!


Red light green light

This little activity reminds me of my childhood. I remember thinking it was so fun! (It doesn’t have the same effect now that I’m the adult.) But the kids like it and that’s really what matters. My daughter is now convinced when we are driving and she sees a stoplight that we are automatically playing that same game.. in the car (:


And that was my 5 go to indoor activities to keep my kids active (and ready for bedtime when the time comes.) Moms what do you do to kids the littles’ active on a rainy day?? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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