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Bullet Journal Monthly Layout

Monthly Layout imageMonthly Layout imageMonthly Layout image pin
If you’ve been here a while you know that my love of bullet journaling is real! If not, you will find out quick (: While I use my weekly layout the most, my monthly layout comes in a close second. This is a very simple layout that is versatile enough to work for anyone. I use my monthly layout for planning my blog content, but it could easily be changed for either business or personal use.

I try not to put too much information on the page or overcrowd it,  (no to-do lists here.)

How to set it up:

Blank bullet journal monthly layout

Whether you have artistic ability or not this layout should work for you. All you need is a ruler, a marker or pen, and sticky notes. You don’t have to add the extra things (like the drawings at the top that I borrowed from a beautiful layout I found on Pinterest). Stickers are also an option if you are short on time or have a limited drawing ability.

Before I drew the squares I measured the page to ensure there were going to be enough spaces. Then I drew it out in pencil before using the marker. Mine ended up being 6 dots down and 6 across. But if your journal is different than mine those dimensions may be different also.

The sticky notes keep everything mobile. So basically you can easily change things around without having to erase everything. Being able to move things around easily works perfectly for me because I’m constantly changing my mind.

Let’s use it:

personal bullet journal monthly layout

As you can see the concept is easy enough, you could really even do this with a regular calendar or whatever planner you usually use. By adding sticky notes you can quickly and easily move things around as your schedule changes.

Although this is not how I use my own monthly layout the beauty of the bullet journal is that you can use it however you please.

blog bullet journal monthly layout

This is an example of how I use my monthly layout. I love that I have all of my blog posts for the month all in one place and that I can change them around as I see fit.

Once the post is either scheduled or published I remove the sticky note and write it into the square. Doing this helps me see what posts are done and which ones still need to be worked on. Sometimes you just need to play around with the layout to find what works for you. This one has been working well for me for months and I can’t see myself changing anything anytime soon.

Sometimes just playing around with the layout to find what works for you. This one has been working well for me for months and I can’t see me changing anything anytime soon.

Monthly layout complete:

Finished monthly layout

This example, as you can see, was for the month of Septemeber. This is what a normal month looks like once it has been completed. The stickies have all been removed and the squares are filled in (including the 29th because it has already been scheduled.)

It’s so simple it just blows my mind! If it’s easy and it works, sign me up! I hope you learned something you can use in planning your month. If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share please leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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