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Bullet Journaling For People That Can’t Draw

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The first time I saw a bullet journal I thought to myself, “wow, I could never do that.” The picture I saw was of a journal that was open to a spread of watercolor flowers and a garden -and that was just an intro page! It was so beautifully drawn that I just marked bullet journaling off my list of “new things to try” and went on with my life.

A few months later while I was doing the dishes (and watching Youtube, like one does.) A bullet journaling video came up on my playlist with an easy, simple bullet journal and I was hooked. I watched video after video of “minimalist” bullet journaling and knew I could absolutely do that!

So I bought one and (as they say,) the rest is history! It has been about 8 months now and I am more in love than ever. My pages still don’t look like an art piece but they are starting to look a little better than they did in the beginning. So here are my tips for if you are like me and can’t draw. Or you just don’t have the time to do anything but the basics.

Get Your Supplies

Bullet Journal Supplies

This is my favorite part of the bullet journaling process. I’m currently using a combination of stencils, post-its, washi tape and a variety of markers, highlighters, and pens. I love the versatility of post-its notes and the pop of color they provide. Plus they can be moved around from page to page as needed and I love it. I’ve also seen beautiful stickers but have yet to pick any up.

But for when I want things to be a little more permanent I love to use these stencils. They have everything you could need! Here are a few of my favorites…

Bullet journal stencils

And of course, the pens and markers that bring it all together (: My collection is tiny in comparison to some I’ve seen but I’m working on it! Having the different colors to choose from keeps things exciting. And keeps everything from being so dull.

Pens collection

All black is just too boring for me. Of course having highlighters to bring your attention to the important stuff is always great, and they are nice for another dimension of color.

Use Pencil First

Pencil bullet journal

I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me! As I said, I’m not great at drawing. I’ve always loved being crafty and wish that I had more of an artistic ability but I do not. So sometimes it takes a few tries to get things the way I want them but once I’m happy with it I then go back in and add the color. Using a pencil to see where I like everything just helps to ensure that I won’t be looking at a page that has a huge error on it. (Becuase that drives me crazy!)


Get Some Inspiration


Or should I say “Pin-spiration” Ha. But seriously, there are so many boards out there full of inspiration for whatever you’re looking for. Here’s mine if you would like to check it out! There is no end to the inspiration you can find on the internet. There are also Instagram accounts and Facebook pages dedicated to bullet journaling.

Have Patience


Just like anything else in life once your practice it enough you WILL get better. I may never be able to use watercolors to add all the beautiful flowers and leaves -like the bullet journal of my dreams -but my layouts look way better now than they did when I first started.

Just in the past eight months, I’ve seen major improvements. I’ve also started to find my own style, in the beginning, I would compare all of my layouts to the ones I saw on Pinterest and of course compared to people who have been doing it for years my layout looked awful. But once I started to find my own style and find what works for me, I’ve slowly but surely gotten better. Which leads me into the last point…

Make It Your Own

I know that I just told you that look on Pinterest and find inspiration for your layout but I don’t mean that you have to copy down everything. For me, I like to look at someone else’s journal and see how everything is set up and then I go into my own journal and I take away the things that I don’t like and add things that I know that I’m going to need.

And there will come a time when you don’t even need someone else’s inspiration you will have your own! You’ll be able to look at a page and know exactly what you want to use it for.

While bullet journaling can get complicated it doesn’t have to be! It can be as simple as just a to-do list and a way of keeping organized. If you have the artistic ability and want to make it an art piece that’s awesome! If you don’t and want to just use it as a diary that’s awesome too! My favorite part about bullet journaling is that there are no rules. These things are designed to be only exactly what you need. The journal is blank the pages are blank and so you have a blank canvas and I think once you get into it you will love it just as much as I do.

Do you use a bullet journal? If so do you have any good tips or tricks to make bullet journaling easier? If so please leave it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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43 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling For People That Can’t Draw

  1. This is so much fun! Sounds like a relaxing and focusing activity. Kind of a mini escape into design world. I love that you’ve given tips for those of us not so artistically inclined to create a fun space to organize our lives (I can always get on board with pretty and organized!).

  2. I love Journaling. I’ve taken up Bible journaling and also have been working on doing an old hymnal for my friend who’s our church music and choir director.

  3. I’ve always loved looking at bullet journals, but making them – not so much. And I actually can draw! I just don’t want to take the time. (Instead, I made the Busy Mama Planners) XD
    This is a great way to make bullet journalling easier.

  4. I cannot even draw a stick figure correctly without my son questioning my drawing skills…. the stencil idea is amazing and I do not know why I never thought of that before. Thank you for the awesome tips!

  5. Thank you for this post! I love the idea of bullet journaling but shy away from it because the idea of starting from scratch freaks me out.

  6. Thank you so much! I have always wanted to try bullet journaling but like you, I would look at all the beautiful designs and knew I couldn’t do it. I’m going to try again thanks to you 🙂

  7. I do not bullet joureal but draw pictures in my Bible and make artist trading cards. Even if I’m not good at art I still do it. You seem to really want to do it and over time you will get more comfortable and adventurous in your creating.

  8. Im def not too great at drawing. Bullet journal sounds like a much easier idea for me. I am going to have to keep this in mind!

  9. When I first heard a bullet journaling I thought it meant using bullet points in that would work great for me. I don’t know that I commit to arts in a journal.

  10. More great tips. I m going to try this out and hope I don’t get carried away with this rather then get in organize and get out. Which is why I have put it off and need to set time aside to work it out, lol.

  11. I ❤️ this! I’m totally obsessed with bullet journaling but sadly have zero artistic skills. I’m glad I don’t have to miss out on the fun!

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