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5 Tips for a Clean(er) Home

5 tips for a cleaner home1
5 tips for a cleaner home

Would you like to have a cleaner home? Well let’s face it, if you have kids there is probably no such thing as a clean house all the time. By the time one room gets cleaned another is dirty. Or as soon as the dishes get done everyone is hungry again. I get it, mom, I do. But I’m here to tell you there is an easier way.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on a clean house. And if you came to my house on any given day there will be toys on the floor and dishes in the sink. But once I became a mom, I realized having a messy chaotic house made me feel like a mess of chaos. Click To Tweet So I started changing my routine a little. And after a few years of trial and error, I’ve finally found a happy balance. Now I’d like to share a few tips with you so maybe you can find that balance too.

Do what you hate first.

Really. It will suck for the few minutes but once it’s out the of the way the rest of your chores will seem like a piece of cake. For me, it’s the dreaded the dishes. I even have a dishwasher and still, I despise them. So I put on some music, or a YouTube video and get it done. Once the sink is cleared out and I don’t have to look at dishes every time I walk into the kitchen, I’m one happy momma.

Set a schedule.

I’m a planner. I make lists and schedules on a daily basis so it was no wonder when I started using a house cleaning schedule. I even wrote a blog post about it if you would like to check it out. This one thing. Adding a cleaning schedule to my routine has helped me keep my house clean (and keep my sanity.) It also helps so I don’t feel like I’m chasing my tail trying to keep the house picked up. Or feel like I’m cleaning and nothing is getting clean. Daily cleaning means you are always cleaning less. So having a schedule makes keeping up with it all manageable.

Pick Up and Clean Up before bed.

With my cleaning routine, I only have a few things that I have to do in the mornings, most of my to-do list is for the evening (usually while my kids are having their snack before bed.) We are in the kitchen, I’m getting stuff done like picking up toys, loading the dishwasher and clearing the countertops. Becuase of that, when I get up in the mornings I only have to start the dishwasher and sweep the floors and I’m pretty much done- unless someone makes a mess -. Which means I have more time for the important stuff like raising tiny humans.

Make your kids help.

Speaking of those tiny humans… once both of mine were old enough to understand me, I have been encouraging them to help. I’m not talking child labor or anything crazy. I’m just saying, they should at least be picking up their own toys. And as long as you don’t make it a punishment, it won’t feel like a punishment. The opposite as a matter of fact, my kids are so proud of themselves when they “help mommy.” My daughter insists on folding all the hand towels and loves to carry her clothing to her drawers.

I also wrote a blog post on this topic, so check it out if you want a few ideas of where to start when it comes to “kid chores.”

Make sure everything has a place.

Make sure everything has a place OR else everything just ends up anywhere. I think this is especially important for our children’s stuff but also for our own. Take my glasses case for example. I never had a designated place for them so some days I would go to the living room for it, or my bedside table or the bathroom just hoping I’d left it there. But once I learned this trick and made a place for everything (and got rid of things I didn’t have space for,) I can always find what I need. Even the car keys… *gasp*.

That’s all I have for today. I hope at least one of these tips can help you find the balance you need for a clean(er) home. If you have a tip for a cleaner home please share it below!

Thanks for reading!

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17 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Clean(er) Home

  1. I really don’t enjoy cleaning at all but your tips do prove to be very helpful. Especially the “do what you hate first” tip. When I start there it seems like everything else is a piece of cake! Oh how I wish I was one of those oddballs that love to clean.

  2. Do what you hate first is the golden rule of life. I always do what I don’t want to first, so that way it gets done. If I wait until the last minute I never do it.

  3. I have a Home Life Planner that has a daily cleaning list in it which helps. It also has two 15 minute hustle clean ups which are huge I find. Honestly I hate cleaning and found your tips helpful 🙂

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