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DIY Dishsoap Putty

The kids and I have done a few of these fun little experiments now and we are still having so much fun. Not only is it a hit with the kids but I love them because they never make too much of a mess. This version of putty was no different, we all had a blast. Plus, cant be the only mom that loves having all the ingredients on hand … right? 

All you need is dish soap and corn starch. Really – that’s it- and I had Hawaiian Pineapple scent so ours smelled good!  

The thing about this putty was that is was pretty dry (from the corn starch.) It wasn’t slimy like the last putty we made. But it wasn’t any less fun, actually, it was almost the opposite, since it was a little firmer my daughter used it more for building (like sand) and we ended up spending a lot more time with this one. 


We took ½ a cup of corn starch and ¼ a cup of dish soap and mixed it with a spatula until it was fully combined (you will be able to tell by pushing on it with the spatula.) I used a little extra corn starch (about 2 tbsp) just to give it a little more shape and not be so “gooey.” You absolutely don’t have to do this but my daughter didn’t like it sticking to her hands at first but adding just a little extra seemed to do the trick. 

Have you tried this activity or one like it? Let me know! We are always looking for something new and fun to try!!
Thanks for reading!

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