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Fall Tree Learning Activity

Fall Tree Learning Activity
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It’s hard not to notice all the leaves falling off the trees. Everywhere you go there is gold and red and I think it’s beautiful. This time of the year is my favorite for so many reasons, leaves being one of them. As my children get older it’s so fun to watch them become curious about the leaves and the changing colors.

Like I usually do when I’m looking for something fun to do I headed over to Pinterest to find a little inspiration and I found this post. Incorporating the season into a fun learning activity for my daughter sounded perfect but as you can see I changed it up a little. Instead of numbers I used upper and lower case letters since that is what we’re working on now.

What you need:


To start you want to get your poster board out and draw your tree on it. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you want to make sure you have enough branches for the amount of numbers or letters that you will be using.

Draw a tree

Next, you want to go ahead and add the numbers or letters. I did the entire alphabet because right now we’re working on upper and lowercase letters but if you choose something different you may need fewer branches.

Tree with letters

Then, you want to go ahead and cut out your leaves. In the post that I mentioned before she used precut leaves but I didn’t have any on hand and I knew I could make them on my own.

cut leaves

After you get all of the leaves cut out you want to add your upper case letters to each of them.

Leaves and tree with letters

And that’s all there is to it. Very simple! Now is where the fun begins. Let your child pick a letter and then search to find the matching letter on the tree. Once they find it add a little glue to the back of the leave and let them stick it to the tree.

Leaves and tree with letters

My daughter had so much fun with this one that I may do it again with numbers. For her, it was almost like a puzzle ( which she loves.)

Leaves and tree with letters


Afterward, she was so impressed with her “tree picture” that she insisted I hang it up on the fridge. I may be a little biased but its the prettiest tree I’ve ever seen. And the fact that she was learning and didn’t even realize it is a win, win.

finished fall tree with leaves

This activity was definitely one of our favorites so far. Not only was it so easy to get set up but she had such a good time playing that she didnt even notice she was learning. Now we have a cute Fall tree hanging in the kitchen and a very proud four-year-old!!

If you have any fun fall learning activities leave a link in the comments and we’ll go check it out!

Thanks for reading!

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37 thoughts on “Fall Tree Learning Activity

  1. Oh! This is so smart! I never though of this, I’ll definitely consider this activity next with my daughter.. and I’ll rein it to spread the word!

  2. This is such a creative little activity! We love doing crafty things and the fact this is also a learning activity is fantastic.

  3. What a cute idea! So fun and also very educational. And gets in some motor skills too. My kids would have loved this when they were younger. Makes for a cute fall activity, and you could easily switch it up for different times of year.

  4. This is a really fun idea and easy to do! My daughter is to young to start ABC but she can start to pair the colors with items! She knows the colors but somehow she still cant connect that a tomatoe is red ect when I ask her.

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