Here’s the thing about fitness- it’s not just for weight loss

Keeping motivated when I wanted to lose weight was simple – exercise = weight loss. I knew what my goal was and I knew how to get to it. So even when I really didn’t want to exercise I did anyway because, well I had a goal dammit.  
Fitness with kids
Weight was never an issue for me growing up. Honestly working out or losing weight never crossed my mind until after I started having kids. I think that is a lot of the reason I gained so much weight during my first pregnancy- I didn’t watch my weight because I didn’t think I needed to. It wasn’t until a few months after I had my first baby and couldn’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes that I knew I needed a change and so I started a fitness routine.  

Since then (almost four years ago) my body has changed so much. I had my second baby a little over a year ago and stayed active for most of that pregnancy. Then jumped right back into my workouts again as soon as I could after giving birth. It didn’t take me nearly as long as it did with my first baby to lose the weight (to my surprise) and before I knew it I was comfortable in my own skin again. That’s when I started slacking. 

Here’s the thing about fitness- it’s not just for weight loss. I noticed when I wasn’t working out I had a shorter temper, I wasn’t sleeping as good and I was tired so often that I knew I had to find a way to get my motivation back. So what should you do to stay motivated? Here are a few things to try:  

Set New Goals Goal setting is key. You can have a goal to run a mile or ten, maybe you want to finish an entire fitness program or be able to do 60 push-ups. Whatever you choose make sure it is motivating for you and helps you keep looking forward.

Be Thankful Because even though sometimes it may feel like a chore to workout and take care of our bodies, we are so lucky that we are even physically capable of exercise.  

Try New Things Change can be quite difficult but if you want to stay interested you have to change it up sometimes. There may be something you find that you fall in love with and never want to stop doing, and that’s great but it is way more likely you’ll get bored after a month or so and need a change of pace. Don’t be scared to try new things, you never know what you will LOVE.  

Buy New Gear There is some kind of magic that comes on new workout gear that gives you the motivation to not only start your workout but to crush it! I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it happens every. single. time.  

Challenge A Friend If you can talk someone else into joining you do something don’t really want to do, it becomes way more fun- especially if you are someone that likes competition. 

Exercise doesn’t have to be a punishment. Find something that you really enjoy doing and it won’t even feel like work. You will be glad you did! 
Also if you have any tips or tricks leave it in the comments below!

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  1. I totally agree with the things you wrote above. My motivation, for example, is that I get tired very quickly. And that's not good for a 20-year-old female(human being at all). Although I am only 50 kilos and 170sm high if I want the stairs to the third floor I need a short break. Тhe cause of my condition is probably because of my laziness and my all day of sleeping, but I think I can change that.

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