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Teaching Pre-K Kids with Toys

I never thought it would be this hard to teach my kids the “important stuff” like writing their name or learning the alphabet. But I’ll be honest, some days it’s hard to get my four-year-old to sit still for more than 2 minutes, let alone actually learn something.

We started with the little workbooks you can buy at the dollar store. I love the concept of these books, plus they always have a cute character on like Elmo so your kids like it from the start. But I was feeling like it was more of a coloring book than an actual learning activity. It even seemed like my daughter would rush through the learning parts to get to the coloring parts.

So I got creative and started making a few learning games of our own.

Our focus right now is learning all of the letters of the alphabet, both upper and lower case. If you start singing ABCD… she can tell you every single letter, but write it down and she gets a little stumped. So we first started with the alphabet. I took a few sheets of white cardstock that we had laying around and I wrote the alphabet on the cut up pieces, using the front for capital letters and the back for lowercase.

Child learning with Playdoh


I started by holding up each of the cards,( switching between upper and lowercase) and if she would get stumped on one of them we would set that card aside. Then once we went through all of the cards a few times we took the cards she was having the most trouble with and we used playdoh to trace those letters.

Child learning with Playdoh


We also used the playdoh to trace shapes (even though this isn’t something we need to work on. She knows her shapes well already but she was having so much fun with the playdoh I decided why not?

Child learning with Playdoh

Another thing we have been working on telling left from right. So to practice this I used another piece of cardstock and drew a road. I then gave her a few cars and as she would pretend she was driving I would ask which way she was going.

She caught on very fast! And now while we are driving together in the actual car she can tell me which way we are turning and it makes my heart proud!

It’s a funny thing watching your children grow up. I’m constantly stuck between wishing she would stay little and amazed at how much she has already grown.

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