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Leftover Halloween Candy?

Trick or treat

I absolutely love Halloween! The costumes, the pumpkins and yes, the candy!! But this is the first year we have had two huge bags of candy. Last year our son wasn’t walking yet and our oldest was ready to go home after a handful of houses because of the cold. This year, however, both kids were are dressed and ready to get candy as much candy as possible. So the question is… What do you do with all that leftover Halloween candy?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is Eat It. (I’m sure you thought of that too.) But I’m not going to let my four-year-old or my one-year-old eat 3lbs of candy. And I’m sure not going to try to finish it off. So here are a few things you can do with pounds of candy sitting in a bag somewhere (on the fridge) in the house.

Bake something

Use leftover m&ms or candy bars like snickers to make cake or cookies. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for kit kat and twin topped cake, (or just make it your own and add anything you want.)

Make an Incentive/Prize Jar

If you’re a mom you probably know, incentives can go a long way! Stick a handful or two into a jar and there you go! This is also a great prize for doing or being good (:

Treat Topper

Another great way to use leftover candy is a sweet treat on top of ice cream or popcorn.

Gingerbread House

As fast as Halloween was over Christmas will soon be here so pop it in a freezer bag and save it to decorate your gingerbread house in just a few weeks.

Donate it

No matter where you live there are sure to be groups or charities willing to take anything you want to get rid of.

And don’t forget to hide some or put a little back for yourself. I really love chocolate with a glass of wine!

How do you use your leftover Halloween candy?


Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “Leftover Halloween Candy?

  1. What a great idea to save Halloween candy for gingerbread houses! Great way to use up candy and repurpose it too. We have too much Halloween candy, it’s nice to have a plan.

  2. When my daughter gets back from trick or treating (she is 13 and goes with a few of her girlfriends), I go through it, give her a small amount to keep and put the rest back into our own trick or treat bowl to give out!

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