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Monthly Favorites: June

It seems like the older I get the faster the months go by. June was no exception, it feels like Easter was just here and it’s been nearly three months since then. Also, I realize this post is going up 11 days into July but I thought better late than never. Here are a few things I have really been enjoying in the month of June, and also one thing I just did not like.

The first thing I want to talk about though is the nail color that I have pretty much worn non-stop all month long. It’s a Pure Ice nail polish in the shade Sweet Serenity. This nail polish is one of the new colors that were released for summer. This shade is a beautiful almost lilac color with that pastel look to it. Purple is my all-time favorite color and this shade is no exception to that rule. This color is just amazing! I can’t take all the credit for choosing it though because it was a tie for me between this shade and very similar shade with a grayer tone than purple but my husband said he preferred this one- what can I say he has good taste!

This next product might seem a little strange because people don’t normally like to talk about body odor but I have such a hard time finding a good deodorant that works for me and the Mitchum DRY Advanced Control Spray really works. Usually, if I find one that I actually like the smell of then the product doesn’t have the best protection or I find something that I like and that has good protection but then after using it for a week or two it stops working. So when I found this one and used it an entire month without having to replace it or change up my deodorant again, I knew it was a keeper.  I will also add an update next month and let you know if I’m still using it and if I’m Still Loving It.

The next thing I want to talk about is eyeshadow, I don’t really wear much makeup during the summer, I pretty much always have a bare face but when I do want to put on a little makeup I want it to be that glowy bronzed look that everyone is going for this summer. So to get that look I use a combination of my Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in the shade creamy beige and I just smear that across my lid with my finger to give the eyelid a little color and it also helps keep it all in place when I’m sweating and hot. Then I use the champagne color in the Revlon Glam Eyes Quad in the shade #02 English Oak, and I just put that all over the lid stopping a little below the brow. I also really love this combination because I just use the same finger for both products and it takes about five seconds.

If you saw my last month’s favorites you will know I was talking about how much I loved the Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures shampoo and conditioner combo and I loved it so much that I decided to try their repairing hair mask treatment. I’m so glad I did! I like the smell, of course, it smells like honey. I love the way it leaves my hair feeling after just leaving it in in the shower for a few minutes. I also love that I can put it in and leave it in for a few hours and it makes my hair feel even better (and not dirty like a few other hair masks that I have tried.) If you are in the market for a good nourishing hair mask definitely pick this one up!

I saved the product I didn’t like for last, and while I usually wouldn’t mention something I don’t like, I decided to add it this month just because I didn’t like it so much that I thought other people might not as well. I’m talking about the Not your mothers Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo. I tried a few different times to use this because I thought maybe it was a fluke that I didn’t like it the first time (or the 2nd or the 3rd) but as it turns out is just a bad product. First of all the smell is awful, so even if it worked really well I wouldn’t use it because it’s the only thing you can smell for hours once you use it. But the main reason I didn’t like it was because within a few hours of applying this product to my hair it was like it just wore off and my hair looked the same as it had that morning. Maybe it’s just me but when I buy a product that is supposed to help make my hair look a little cleaner and more refreshed and it doesn’t its just not worth my money.

So that was all the things I have been using and loving throughout the month of June. I hope everyone had a good start to their summer! Bye!

Thanks for reading!

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