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Moon Sand DIY

I really love crafts. There is just something about creating something with your own two hands, that gives me so much pleasure. As my kids get older it makes me so happy to see them (my three-year-old mostly) enjoying being “crafty” with me. While my vision of us making beautiful birds nests or pasta art is a blissful experience, my reality is that at their ages the idea of doing a fun craft together is so much better than the actual act of doing it.  
If you have a three-year-old you probably understand. They don’t follow directions all that well (especially when they are excited,) and making a mess is usually more fun for them than actually making a craft. Because of that, I went on the hunt for something that would be fun for us both (and not too messy.) After some searching, I came across something called Moon Sand. Usually for me when I think of a craft it would be something you would be able to show off when you are done with it. So in that sense, this wouldn’t be an actual craft, but because we used just a few ingredients we had around the house to do something fun I thought that it could definitely go in the “crafty” category. 
Moon Sand DIY
As I said before, I was looking for something that my three-year-old and I could do together that wouldn’t end in me telling her to just set down a minute until I finish the project. I really wanted something that she could really get her hands on and not just sit on the sidelines. So while looking through Pinterest I found something called moon sand and decided to give it a try. Since the directions call for just baby oil and flour I didn’t even have to leave the house for the supplies.
Mom for the win!  
You will need: 
  • Baby oil– 3/4 cup 
  • Flour 4 cups 
  • Large tub (optional) 


Flour, Baby Oil
This is a smaller version of the recipe I found on Pinterest but you could easily double it to have a bigger batch but honestly, for one kid it was plenty.
We started by mixing the baby oil and flour together with a spoon but after a minute or so we just put our hands in mashed it all together with our fingers. It was fast and easy and once all of the oil was mixed in we started to notice it was sticking to itself. 

Flour and oil mixed

Once it is all combined I would recommend putting it into a large tub because like sand (or flour) it made a pretty big mess while playing with it. But it was easy enough to sweep up and didn’t stick to anything. We didn’t use a tub, we just poured it out onto the kitchen table. She loved it, I loved it, even my husband gave it a try and had fun.  

We played with toys and used a few shapes we had lying around to play in the moon sand. It was really pretty cool how well it turned out and how much playtime we got out of something as simple as flour and baby oil.

I would highly recommend giving it a try! Just a few tips would be to use a tub or bucket for playing in, have a few little toys on hand to make it more fun and don’t get it wet. Once I grabbed a wet washcloth to clean up the bits left behind I found it sticking and making a mess. Other than that have fun!! Let me know below if you are gonna give it a try, I would love to see pictures!

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