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New Year Resolution Check In

We are nearing the end of January (already) so I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing with their New Years Resolutions! I know not everyone made a resolution to start off the year… but if you did, are you sticking with it?

I usually like to choose just one resolution, (mostly to make it easier on myself.) But this year I decided to choose five and set the bar high!

Here are my five:New Years Resolutions

Let me just start by saying I was prepared for 2018. In November of 2017, I thought I was finally getting a hang of this whole “working from home” thing. We had found a schedule that was working for the family. I was ahead of schedule for my blog and finally starting to make a little money! Plus, I had content planned and scheduled and it felt great!! I just knew 2018 was going to be my year.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and life has a funny way of always keeping you on your toes. So instead of being on top of things and reaching all my goals this month. I find myself regrouping and making a little change to all of my plans. I don’t want to go into too many details about what’s going on. I will say that I got a bit of bad news about my health but I don’t know exactly how bad for a few weeks so until I know for sure I will just leave it here.

While the plan I had for the year has changed slightly I’m determined to keep my resolutions the year. I know using this post as a marker will help keep me accountable to more than just myself. I hope that it does the same for you, or at least gives you a reminder to check in and reset if you need to. It’s okay to start over- as many times as you need to.

My Check In:

  • Focus on being healthy: Yes!! I’ve been 100% focused on what my body is saying and doing whats best for me.
  • Read & Listen to more books: I just started a new book and have been listening to podcasts this month but I’m looking forward to working on this one!
  • Kick ass at Blogging: I’m sad to say I am nowhere near where I thought I would be with my blog in this first month. ( I will admit I always put everything else in my life -kids, husband, work- before my blog.) I loved that it was a hobby in the beginning, but since I’ve started making money I feel a need to run it like a business and I’m not sure that’s what I want for Mommyland.
  • Declutter the house:  Well… I made a list of tubs and organizers I need to start to declutter the house, so does that count?No.. okay, I’ll work on this one too.
  • Find a consistent workout routine: This one has been nearly impossible with my health issues, but I’m able to slowly get back into things next week so I am hopeful next month will be different.

Moving forward…

It was hard to accept that some of the plans I had made this month had to be pushed to the backburner. I’ll admit it threw me off my game. I can now see myself coming back out of the funk I was in and it makes me so excited for the future.

I don’t think there is ever a bad time to set new goals for yourself or your life. And don’t be afraid to change those goals as time goes on. You have the power to make changes depending on what you want out of life at the moment.

Being a mom- hell, an adult- is hard. But I think as long as you are still pushing yourself and wanting what is best for you and your family, you should give yourself a pat on the back.

I hope everyone is sticking to their goals or New Years Resolution this year! Let me know in the comments what your resolutions were this year!(:

Thanks for reading!

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