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Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Moms are always on the move. We all know we should slow down and take it easy, but it sometimes feels impossible. There is always something that needs to be done, and if you put it off that just means you will have more to do tomorrow. So we go and go and sometimes neglect to take the time we need to recover. But it is so important to take care of yourself. 


I love being a mother and a wife, I love the feeling I get when I take care of my family- it really is like nothing else. I believe this is what I was meant to do, and I am proud that I am building this life for my children. For exactly that reason, I sometimes have to take a step back and remind myself that no one can do everything and let myself off the hook. We are only human after all.

I want to share a few quick self-care techniques that will help you relax and fast! I mean how many moms do you know that can just take the day or weekend to unwind? Here are a few things you can do if you are crunched for time and just need to unplug and clear your head.

Workout every day

This probably doesn’t sound very fun but there are so many different benefits for working out every day. Before I had kids I never thought about losing weight or even my body image but like everything else in my life kids changed all that. Working out became important to me because it helped relieve stress. Endorphins are no joke. I learned that taken care of myself and being fit and active does amazing things for my mental health as well as my body and my confidence.

Take Five

Depending on the time of day, taking a 10-minute break to have your favorite drink like or coffee, wine can help give you a few minutes to take your mind off of your to-do list. This also means no phone, (put it down.) If it’s possible to take it outside for a little fresh air.

Pamper yourself

This one gets a little tricky when you’re a mom. I know for me, if I’m out of sight from my kids for more than 30 seconds you can be sure they know about it. But you can put on a face mask and cover your eyes with a warm wash cloth for 5 minutes -even with kids playing at your feet- you will feel a little better afterward. Plus your skin will look amazing in no time!

Give yourself a pep-talk.

What would you say to your best friend? Well be your best friend – look in the mirror- and tell yourself how great you are! It sounds ridiculous, and you’re probably thinking “do people actually do this.” But for real. It works, ask athletes!!

Play with your kids

Of course, sometimes it’s nice to have a little break from the kids, but you have to admit they are cute, so put on a little music and have a dance party. Or find a fun activity you and your kids can do together without the other distractions we all have in our lives. I promise you will be laughing and in a good mood in no time!

17 thoughts on “Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

  1. These are great ideas! I have convinced the toddler to drink (water) from her mug and read next to me in bed, sitting up against a pillow like mama, while I have my morning coffee. It works out that way about half of our mornings, but those are always the best days. 😊

  2. I’m a self care blogger and i love your tips, especially the lastone self care doesnt mean we have to be selfish. Sometimes i need a break from my kids and sometimes i need them and thats ok. 🙂

  3. Yes! Taking time for mom is so hard…and so important.
    Just taking time to put the phone down and actually enjoy our kids make them seem like less of a chore.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. I do workout daily or at least get a walk in. I don’t really pamper myself but I try to sneak in some reading time so I’ll try to count that. The only thing I don’t do is give myself a pep talk but maybe I will start.

  5. I especially love the suggestion to play with your kids. When we’re having a particularly rough day over here, getting outside for some silly play time is definitely what I need to reset.

  6. I agree that it’s so important we take care of ourselves! It’s easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else, but we need to make ourselves a priority too.

  7. Such great ideas! Sometimes as mom we forget to take care of ourselves. I need to work on the workout daily one. I always feel so good when I walk in the mornings but somehow I always find something else that “needs to be done instead”.

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