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Tarteist Pro To Go Palette Review

I have been using the Tarteist Pro To Go eye shadow pallet by Tarte for a few months so I feel like I can give a full review of the product now and not just a first impression.  The colors in this palette are so beautiful and pretty much exactly up my alley, I love warm rich shades like these and fell completely in love with the formula.

Tarteist Pro To Go Palette
The first color is called drive and it is a very neutral beige matte shade. It’s one of the colors that I use the most because it’s so close to my skin tone that it makes a perfect base color. Next is a shade called stylin and it is a deep matte brown but it has almost a plum undertone in it. The last color in the top row is called boss and it is a metallic shade of brown with copper shimmer( not chunky) that works well with every other color in the palette.

 Tarteist Pro To Go Palette Color Swatches

The first color on the second row is called hype, it’s a metallic gold and it looks a lot less metallic in the pan than is on the eyes so you really have to swatch it to see how beautiful it is. It’s such a stunning gold shade. Next is the color called I use the most it is called crisp and it is a matte burnt orange, it is the perfect crease color for my skin tone. Last but definitely not least the shade dominate and it is a metallic red.

All of the shades are extremely creamy and very pigmented, on the Sephora website in the product description they are described as “flawlessly rich” and I could not agree more. Every one of the colors’ blend together so perfectly and it definitely helps that it smells like chocolate.

Tarteist Pro To Go Palette

I tend to not spend a lot of money on eyeshadow, usually, I can find something at the drugstore that is just as good and for a lot less but Tarte talked me into it while I was looking around Sephora one day and I am so glad they did! I think Tarte definitely knocked it out of the park with this palette and it sort of makes me wonder… Should I be buying high-end eyeshadow palettes???

All in all, I think this is an excellent palette. I love the formula, the smell the packaging. I love this little pallet and I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for a new palette.

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