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Volcano Hearts

February is such a good month! It means the pressure is off from the start of the new year. It also means everything you eat or see for the next month is going to be pink or red! So the kids and I decided to start the month off right with these cute Volcano Hearts!

We’ve made these baking soda volcanos before but just used water to hold the volcano together. As you’ll see in a minute this time we used glitter glue. And before you curse me for suggesting you bring glitter into a home with a toddler. I promise using glitter glue make it easier to clean up.

These fun little volcanoes were so easy to make and they only take a few ingredients.

What you need:

what you need

-Baking soda
-Glitter glue
-Cookie cutters (optional)
-Bowl and spoon
-Medicine Syringe or dropper (for little hands to pour the vinegar)

What you do:

glitter glue

Start by mixing together the glitter glue and baking soda. I wish I had an exact measurement for you, but we ended up pouring all the glue together so I don’t. But I do know I used about ¾ a cup of baking soda. Just enough to make a dough that isn’t too wet.

glitter dough
Next, pour the dough out onto a surface and pat out with your hands.

heart cookie cutter

Then using a cookie cutter stamp out the hearts (as many as the dough allows) and place on a plate.

adding glitter

Of course, we needed a little more glitter before we could start (:

heart in bowl

Then just place one heart in the bottom of a bowl (we used the bowl we mixed in.)

Here’s where the fun starts…

Using the syringe pour the vinegar directly onto the heart and watch the bubbles happen!!

more hearts

Once the bubbles subside a little just add the next heart directly on top of the first and start the process again!


We did this until all the hearts were done and continued playing with the baking soda and vinegar for a while because it was just so much fun.

claire bubbles

The kids both loved watching the explosions and were in awe each time! Because we used the syringe to pour the vinegar even my (almost) two-year-old was able to participate.

I’m already making plans to do this with the leftover egg coloring vinegar from Easter! I would highly recommend giving this a try for Valentine’s day if you have young children!!

What do you do with your little ones to celebrate Valentine’s day??

Thanks for reading!

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