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Weekly Bullet Journal Layout for Productivity

It seems strange now that I wasn’t sure I would like Bullet Journaling when I first started using one. It all seemed so complicated, but then I watched this video and I was convinced I needed to try it and let me tell you, it has been a game changer. I also wrote a post here if you want to know what journal I use.

Because I am a stay at home mom my workspace is my home. And while that has always been the dream for me, it is a lot harder than it sounds. Being at home is a big distraction for moms (and dads,) because there are so many things pulling for our attention. Our children, our chores, our electronics. Honestly, there is always something that needs to be done at my house.

Weekly Bullet Journal for Productivity

I started feeling like I would never be able to get everything done and found myself giving up the things that made me happy so I could make the time to do the things that had to be done to have a happy family and a clean home (and vice versa.)  The key for me has been planning and organization, and the bullet journal keeps me on my toes.  

I wanted to show you how I use my weekly layout to maximize my productivity by having my chores, tasks, and life planned out as much as possible. This works for me because if I have everything for the week written down in an easy to read, easy to follow way, there is less I have running through my head which makes more room and time for the things I actually want to be thinking about.  

Blank bullet journal layout

The washi tape is what I always start with. It may seem like a step that is a waste of time, but I actually enjoy adding these details, and they are actually functional because I use this as my outline for the different sections of my layout.  I have the days of the week section, a notes section, a section for goals, and a section for my dinner menu. I have seen beautiful layouts with tons of stuff like a mood tracker or water tracker that I would love to add, but I’ve tried them all and I never remember to mark them off so it ends up being just wasted space. 

how to layout weekly bullet journal

I try to keep my daily tasks broken into three parts, am- noon- and pm-. I feel like when I have what needs to be done early written down first, then it actually gets done in the morning. It also makes me feel like my day is more structured and that I have a plan for my day and both of my kids day.

day to day bullet journal tasks

The notes section will be left blank but I alway try to set a few goals for myself and one or two for the kids. And last but not least our dinner menu. This always gets written in pencil! I change my mind at least twice a week, so I just write it in with pencil to save myself from scratching it out later 🙂

blog content in bullet journal

I also keep a blogging To-Do list beside each day. This could easily be left out, or changed into something that you do in your spare time. But I’ve found it’s an easy way to keep everything all together and organized. Being a mom means that I spend a lot of time cleaning up messes that I just cleaned up, so as strange as it may seem … having neatly placed boxes I can check off my heart sings a little.

check box bullet journal

And that is pretty much it. It’s very simple, but that works for me and my life right now. If at some point I decide to make a change, I can. That’s the beauty of a bullet journal.

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Bullet Journal Layout for Productivity

  1. This looks so useful! I love the idea of having everything in one place so you can easily see what’s going on. I’ve tried mealplanning so many times but I always change my mind so much that I can never keep up. Maybe if I broke it down into smaller sections it would help. Thanks for this idea!!

  2. I never really understood what a bullet journal is before but seeing this I’m hooked! This would be something I’d really love using!

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