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Working Out With Kids

For the longest time, I really wanted to be one of those people that got up at 6 am to workout. Before the kids got up. Before it was time to start our day. But honestly, just don’t know how people do it. I really have tried. I would set an alarm for 6 am and plan on getting up and then something would happen in between the time my thumb hit “set alarm,” to the time I get up the next morning.  
Some children sleep through the night… my children do not. So, most nights while I am climbing back into bed for the third time because someone woke me up, I reach over and turn off the alarm I set. Because to be totally honest, I would rather sleep than workout anyway.  
For that reason, my workouts get done with two little people running around. Some days can be easy, they want to join in or they play together a few feet away. Other days it’s like they have a bet going to see who can interrupt me more times in a minute. 
But I have learned a few tricks that help me get my workout done, even when I have another human climbing me. 
Give them food. 
The best and by far the easiest way to distract your little ones and be distraction free is to set them down at the table (or even better high chair,)  and let them watch you while they eat. They are getting fed and you aren’t stepping on anyone, win-win. 
Let them join in. 
If your little ones are a little bit older (and not easily distracted,) just ask them to join you. If they say yes, getting them to join in is a fun way to keep them occupied and out from under your feet. Plus, it will show them by example that getting up and moving around makes you feel good, which means they may be more likely to want to be active in the future. 
Take it outside. 
If your kids are anything like mine they love the outdoors. We pack up a few toys, a little snack and head out so they can play and I can get it done. To be honest most of the time my workout gets cut short so I can chase someone around, but I still get sweaty and it’s fun, so that’s all that counts. 
Don’t be so serious. 
Obviously, if you have a workout routine you probably have a goal, but you don’t have to get upset when you get interrupted. This one is a little hard for me sometimes, I tend to get upset if I am really concentrating on, or trying not to pass out from exhaustion. So when someone is standing behind me everytime I squat, it gets a little frustrating 
I have learned that the whole experience can be a lot more pleasant when you just laugh it off, or make a game out of it, like dodge the kid! Either way, you will get a better workout experience, (even if you missed a few reps.)  
It’s not always easy but it can be done, and you absolutely can do it with kids running around. 

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